Les Amants 1958 - Director: Louis Malle  

Die Liebenden - Illustrierte Film-Bühne Nr. 4599

Jeanne Moreau, Alain Cuny, Jean-Marc Bory, Judith Magre 

Les Amants 1958 […more Images]

Jeanne relieves the boredom of her stale marriage to newspaper magnate Henri Tournier by frequent visits to Paris, where she divides her time between her best friend Maggie and her covert lover Raoul.  One day, after one drink too many, Henri orders Jeanne to cancel her next trip to Paris and instead invite her friends to their home, a large country house near Dijon.  Jeanne agrees to the dinner party, but insists on keeping her date with Maggie.  On her way back to Dijon, Jeanne’s car breaks down and she has no option but to accept a lift from a stranger, a handsome young archaeologist named Bernard.  Henri shows his gratitude by inviting Bernard to spend the night at his house.  That evening, when Henri and his other guest have retired, Jeanne and Bernard meet in the grounds and realise that they are in love.  After a night of passion, Jeanne knows that she must leave with Bernard and sacrifice everything she has for the sake of love…