La Signora senza camelie 1953 - Director: Michelangelo Antonioni

Lucia Bosé, Ivan Desny, Gino Cervi, Alain Cuny, Andrea Checchi 

La Signora senza camelie 1953 […more Images]

Stardom comes too quickly for Clara Manni. Leaving her parents’ drapers shop in Milan, she becomes a film star overnight, thanks to a small role in a film. Her producer, Gianni, quickly derails a promising career, however. Passionately in love with Clara, he imposes marriage on her and forbids her to appear in another film unless it is worthy of her talents. Gianni finally finds her such a role – as Joan of Arc in his next big budget picture. The film is a disaster and Gianni is ruined. Clara leaves him and goes off with a young diplomat, Nardo, who has come to love her through her films. With Nardo’s encouragement, Clara restarts her acting career, the hard way.